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School Partners

Business to School  Partnerships Supporting

Daniel J. Savage Students

Raley’s and SaveMart – Provides the PTC with cash rewards based on people using their Raley’s- Quality of Life Card and the SaveMart- SHARES programs.  Both SaveMart (Oakdale @ Floyd) and Raley’s (Roselle @ Floyd) have also provided snacks, etc… to various functions at Savage.  

McHenry Bowl-   Every Renaissance they provide every student with a free bowling pass.

Funworks-   Every Renaissance they provide a coupon for something free (i.e. - a free golf pass, or free tokens) to each student.   They also provide free tokens with good report card.  They also match gifts purchased. 

Boomers-   Every Renaissance they provide a coupon for something free.  Match gifts purchased. 

Applebee’s-  One free kids meal coupon- given to all Renaissance students. 

Red Robin-   Milkshake coupons for Renaissance.  Also, they sponsored a fundraising night in Dec.

Mountain Mike Pizza (Roselle at Floyd) -   Sponsored a fundraising night.

In and Out Burger-   Provides some coupons for Renaissance.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream (Riverbank) -   Provided ice cream at an extremely low cost for Spring Renaissance 

Del Taco-   Provides some free taco cards for Renaissance.

Smoothie King-   Provided reduced cost smoothies for fall Renaissance and coupons for all Renaissance students.

Panda Express-   Provided coupons for some Renaissance students.

Vintage Fair Mall-   Sponsored Renaissance gifts. 

Dodge Ridge-   Sponsored Renaissance gifts.

95.1 KHOP-   Sponsored Renaissance gifts such as CD’s, Wax Museum Tickets, and an hour w/ a DJ.

Leland Snow Play-   Sponsored Renaissance gift.

Stockton Thunder Hockey Team-   Sponsored Renaissance gift.

Laser Quest-   Matched Purchases.

Gallo Center For The Arts-   Tickets for future performances.

Target-   Sponsored Renaissance gift and has a Rewards program that gives Savage cash back on purchases made with a Target Card. Past sponsors include- Yesterday Books, Nexxus, Jamba Juice, Juice It Up, Linkxi.com, Pizza Guys

Nexus matched purchases

LINKXI.com they sponsored renaissance gifts