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School Rules



Learning takes precedence over every other activity at Daniel J. Savage Middle School.  Students, parents and staff strive toward the positive aspects of education and believe that every student can learn and shall be treated with respect and dignity.  Social responsibility is a series of choices and students must be aware of the proper expectations for behavior so the decisions they make are correct ones.  

Daniel J. Savage is a partner in the Sylvan Union School District with the following shared beliefs:  

•    Every individual has worth.

•    Every individual can learn.

•    Every individual has the right to a safe learning environment.

•    Every individual has the right to an effective education.

•    Every action/choice of an individual has an effect.

•    Learning goes beyond the walls of the classroom and occurs 

throughout a lifetime

•    Families are essential to the well-being of the individual and

 a critical component of the learning process.





Hours:  7:30-4:00 p.m.


Parents and visitors are always welcome and encouraged to visit the school.  We feel that having parents and visitors on the campus has a positive impact on the school climate.  Please register your presence in the office upon your arrival and receive a visitor's badge to wear on campus.  Classroom visitations must be pre-arranged with the teacher and/or principal.

During class time the teacher is not available for a conference.  If you would like to arrange a conference with a teacher, please call the school office and a conference will be scheduled with you.

Students/children not currently enrolled at Daniel J. Savage  will not be allowed to visit the school unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Visiting relatives (cousins, etc.) are not allowed in the classrooms.


The office telephne is for immediate emergency and illness calls only.  Students need to plan ahead to avoid requests of phone use for other purposes.  A telephone is available, in the office, before and after school for students to use for other needs. 


Families are asked to communicate thoroughly with students regarding any after-school plans prior to the start of the school day.  It is very difficult to get messages to our one thousand students without increasing office staffing.  These messages also interrupt the learning environment.  Daniel J. Savage  will communicate family emergencies to students amd will do our best to facilitate communication of anything of lesser importance.


Daniel J. Savage is a CLOSED CAMPUS.  Once students arrive in the morning they may not leave without permission until the end of the school day.  Students will only be released to leave campus during school hours if their parent is present.  (Any other adult must be designated by the parent on the student emergency card).  All students must sign out through the attendance office when they leave campus during the school day.  If a student returns to school after being released during the day,  they must check in at the attendance office to obtain a re-admit for the class(es) missed.


Regular attendance is one of the most important factors in a student's success in school.  The activities and dynamics of a classroom environment cannot be duplicated with make-up work, home study, or independent study.  Parents are encouraged to have their children present to benefit from the total Daniel J.Savage  Middle School program.


To permanently withdraw a student from attendance,  parents must visit the Main Office in advance of the withdrawal.  Students must report to the school Registrar Secretary and receive a withdrawal form that is to be signed by each of their teachers and the school librarian.  This indicates that all books and materials have been returned.  When this form is completed, the student returns it to the Registrar Secretary. 


In the event of an extended illness, assignments may be requested through the attendance office (552-3300). 


Daniel J. Savage has designed a student planner and assignment log for the use of students.  We are strong encouraging and promoting its use.  The School Agenda is provided to all students and families as a courtesy from the Daniel J. Savage Parent Teacher Club. A lost or additional agenda can be purchased for $5.00 at the office, and Back-To-School night.


Parents should report absences to the school as soon as is possible by dialing the Attendance Office (552-3300).  This is a 24-hour recording service provided by the school.  There is also a website link to send an email

Students who have been absent must receive a "RE-ADMIT" slip from the attendance office window before attending the class(es) which were missed.  They must secure the re-admit at a time other than class time, prior to the class(es) for which it is needed.


The Sylvan Union School District provides a home study program for students who are confined for an extended period of time to the home due to an injury or illness.  Arrangements can be made through the school attendance office.


When a student has advance knowledge that they are going to be absent for an extended length of time, they are eligible for and encouraged to arrange an independent study contract.  The parent(s) of the student must notify the Attendance Office within a reasonable amount of time prior to the date of absence so that teachers can organized assignments and materials for students.

An Independent Study Contract is developed by faculty members and it coordinates learning objectives so that disruptions in the student's program will be minimized during the absence.  The work should be completed during the absence and is due upon his/her return in order to receive credit for the absence.  Failure to successfully complete the contract must result in the days of absence being marked as "unexcused".


All rules and regulations for reporting student progress have been approved by the Sylvan Union School District . They reflect the education code of the State of California as well as the policies of this school district.

In order to complete graduation requirements, students must fulfill the following:

    A.    Achieve a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 
            1.5 for 6th-8th grades

    B.    Pass the 7th grade Minimum Proficiency tests

    C.    Pass all required courses for 8th grade

Report cards are mailed home three times per year.  They are issued approximately 1-2 weeks following the end of each trimester.  Progress reports are issued mid-trimester to all students receiving a grade of C- or lower.  Parents are also notified if student achievement is exhibiting a downward trend.  Teachers may issue additional progress reports at any time that it is determined appropriate.

Parents are encouraged to request meetings with teachers when a student's progress is less than expected or desired.


In case of a change of address, phone number, doctor, or matters of guardianship, the school office should be notified as soon as possible.

Please be certain that there is always someone listed on your child's FAMILY EMERGENCY CARD who may be contacted in the event of your own inaccessibility at a time of accident or illness.  Stop by the office to update these records as circumstances change.


Emergency situations and procedures are discussed in each student's classes.  Fire drills are held regularly.  Students are expected to clear the buildings as quickly as possible, in an orderly and prescribed fashion.  They must be attentive to instructions from the people in charge.


Accident insurance is available for parents to purchase.  Information is sent home at the beginning of the school year.  This information is also available at any time in the school office.  Students who participate in extra curricular sports are required to have medical insurance coverage (as per District Policy 6900).  The school does not handle insurance processing or claims.


In the event of a student accident, the school is responsible for the application of first aid only.  If any injury is of a serious nature, the parents will be notified immediately.  If appropriate, paramedics will be called first and parents contacted as soon as possible after this is done.  Parents will be billed by the local ambulance company for services provided.  FAMILY EMERGENCY CARDS MUST BE KEPT UP TO DATE to enable the school to contact them in a timely way.


The most appropriate person to administer medication is the parent/guardian in the home.  If it becomes necessary for medication to be administered during the school day, the following procedures must be followed:

• A "Parent and Physician Request for Administration of Medication" must be  current and on file at the school.

• Medication must be in a properly labeled pharmacy container.

• Medications must be stored in the office.  They may not be carried on/by             individual students without special school permission.

No medication may be given unless the correct procedures are followed.  Medication forms are available in the Savage office.


Textbooks are issued to students through the classroom teachers.  The care and use of textbooks is an important responsibility of the students.  Students are expected to:

•  Use school books and materials with care.       

•  Keeps protective covers on books.

•  Place their name and the teacher's name on the  inside of the front of the book's cover.              

Due to the excessive cost of replacing books, a charge will be made for damaged, lost or stolen books.  Students are ineligible to participate in sports or social activities if they have outstanding bills with the school.  Diplomas and report cards will not be issued to students with outstanding bills.


                          STUDENT PROCEDURES


Students are required to carry a hall pass issued by their teacher if they are out of class during class time.  Students without a pass will be sent back to the classroom.  You are strongly encouraged to use the rest room before or after class to avoid interruptions in the learning process.  No restroom passes will be issued during the first or last 15 minutes of class.


Students' attention to appearance and a student's attitude toward himself and his school are related;  good taste and good grooming promote good behavior and attitudes which promote an effective education.  Students are to be clean and dress in a manner that will permit participation in the school activities.

Shoes must be worn at all times.    Students are to wear closed-toe shoes for the school's physical education program.

Students wearing halter tops, bare midriffs, see-through outfits, short-shorts, or exhibiting behavior that expose the chest or stomach, or undergarments are dressed inappropriately.  Articles of clothing with suggestive or vulgar expressions are not allowed.

The Board of Trustees of the Sylvan Union School District prohibits the presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook or manner of grooming, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark or other attribute that denotes membership in gangs which advocate drug use, violence, or disruptive behavior.  In accordance with Police and Justice Department recommendations, "sagging" is associated with gang behavior, and is not permitted at Savage .  This policy shall be applied at the principal's discretion, after consultation with the Superintendent as the need arises.


Students are encouraged to bring a nutritious snack to be consumed during the break period.  Food served during lunch must be eaten in the lunch area.  Gum and sunflower seeds are not allowed on campus.


Sylvan Union School District maintains and applies consistently a single standard of discipline procedures.  The purpose of the student discipline policy at Somerset Middle School is to maintain an educational environment conducive to learning and to protect the order, safety, and health of other pupils.  Once the learning, health, and safety needs of the school are met, the needs of individual students are paramount.  Investigations shall be full, fair, and equal.  All corrective measures taken are directed toward changing the undesirable behavior and are expected to provide for a consistent effort to guide a student who has a behavior problem.

The discipline policy will be discussed with students.  Each student will receive a copy of the Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct.  Students are asked to review the Code of Conduct with their parents and return an included form which indicates that this has been done.

The school reserves the right to adjust school rules to meet the changing needs of a safe and orderly learning environment.  During the final few days of the school year several of these adjustments should be expected (i.e., the prohibition of backpacks).


1.    Come to school prepared to learn.

2.    Follow the directions of adults in charge the first time.

3.    Remain in assigned areas.

4.    Speak without the use of abusive language.

5.    Chewing gum is not allowed on campus.

6.    Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

7.    Food may be eaten only in designated areas.

8.    Walk only on sidewalks.

9.    Walk bicycles on all areas of the campus.

10.   Portable radios, electronic games, Walkmans, and other such personal items are not allowed on campus.

11.   Skateboards and skates are not allowed on campus.

12.   Students must have a pass to be out of class during class time.

13.  Students are not allowed on campus before 7:30 AM or after 3:00 PM unless participating in a school sponsored activity or waiting for a bus.

14.    Students who are waiting for a bus must wait in the bus loading area and not loiter around the campus.

15.   Students not participating in an after school activity are expected to go directly home. 


To see a school counselor, students must fill out a request form at the office counter.Students will be call by their counselor from class.


Freedom's Library Media Center is open to all students, for study and research.  The LMC is open 7:30-3:00.  Over 5, 000 books are available for two week check out.  Reference books and encyclopedias may be checked overnight.  Back issues of magazines may be used by students for research in the library.  The library conference room is available by request.  The Grolier's Electronic Encyclopedia on CD-ROM, as well as individual computers, may be used by students who have demonstrated their computer competency to the librarian.


School hot lunches are prepared and available each day.  Savage Middle School does participate in the free and reduced lunch program.  Applications for this program are available in the school office.

Students may go home for lunch when signed out by their parent/guardian.  Under no circumstances are students allowed to leave campus without a parent/guardian.


Students are allowed on campus beginning at 7:30 AM.  They are to leave school grounds immediately upon dismissal from class at the end of the school day.  Students must be off campus by 3:00 PM unless they are participating in a school sponsored event.  There is no student supervision prior to 7:30 or after 3:00.

Once a student has left the school grounds at the end of the day they are not permitted to return.


Lost clothing and other items are held in the custodial office.  Students may claim their lost articles before or after school.  All unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of each trimester.

Responsibility for personal items cannot be assumed by the school. It is recommended that students only bring the amount of money they need for school purchases and never carry large amounts of cash.

                            GENERAL INFORMATION


Savage students and faculty take a great deal of pride in the appearance of our campus.  We know that a clean and well cared for campus builds pride - which, in turn, fosters improved attitudes and increased academic achievement.  All people who use the campus are expected to leave the campus at least as clean and well cared for as they found it.


In line with the pride we have in our campus, school rules prohibit the possession of marking pens.  It is unfortunate that these materials are too often used for graffiti.


Savage students will be supplied with the basic materials which are required for classroom assignments if they do not have them.  This is a requirement of California Education Code.  Materials must be issued in a limited and judicious manner due to their costs.  It is suggested that all students come to school equipped with some basic supplies which will improve their organizational skills and their achievement.

A list of some basic supplies a student might have would include:

   Backpack - sturdy and durable (clearly labeled)

   Binder - 3-Ring hard cover with dividers and a pencil pouch

   Binder paper - lined

   Pencils (2-3) and Pens (1-2) 


Savage has designed a student planner and assignment log for the use of students.  We are strong encouraging and promoting its use.  The School Agenda is provided to students and families free of charge.  Lost or additional agendas can be purchased for $5.00 at the office and Back-To-School night.


Various student recognition awards are given throughout the year to honoring students for, among other things, outstanding citizenship and academic achievement.


Savage's Renaissance Program aims to create a campus-wide attitude that academic achievement is not only important, but something to be proud of, resulting in both immediate and future recognition and reward.  Renaissance believes that students who are encouraged, supported, and recognized for academic achievement will have greater academic and social success, will graduate, and be more successful adults.

It has been said that it takes a "whole village to raise a child," and Renaissance supporters entirely agree.  Savage is actively seeking and encouraging business - school alliances as a source of donations, food, and goods to be used as incentives.  Merchants are given a sign saying "I support Savage Renaissance" to display in their place of business.

Our students represent our nation's future.  The implementation of this program, based on established traditions and positive values, transforms Somerset into a true Renaissance school committed to excellence in education.

Students will earn cards which in turn will provide them with a variety of privileges based upon their Grade Point Average for the previous trimester at Somerset .  The card "levels" are:

           Platinum            4.0 GPA

           Crimson            3.0-3.9 GPA with no grade below a "C"

           Navy                2.0-2.9 GPA with no grade below a "C"

           White               GPA improvement of 0.5 over the previous trimester



Any student who has earned perfect outstanding citizenship grades (six "O's" for the first two trimesters of the year) will receive a certificate of recognition at the annual awards assembly. 


                             PARENT INFORMATION


Savage Middle School is fortunate to have an active PTC which invites and encourages all parents to be involved.

For more information and meeting dates, look at the PTC link on our web site.


The Savage School Site Council (SSC) monitors and administrates the School Improvement Plan and its funding.  The SSC is made up of parents (1), certificated staff (1), classified staff (1), and students(1), all of whom serve a two year term.  People who are interested in serving must be elected by their representative group.  Details are available at the school office.


Homework is an important part of a student's education.  These assignments are a continuation of work which is started in class with the teacher's instruction and guidance.  They are meant to reinforce and extend/enrich the educational experience.  As a result, they should be completed in a careful and timely way.

There are strategies which can help students be successful:

   1.  Establish a regular time and place to complete homework.

   2.  Establish a quiet and well lighted place to work.

   3.  Begin your homework by reviewing the assignment for complete understanding.

   4.  Share your completed homework with you parents.

   5.  Place completed homework in your binder so you don't forget it at home

        the next day.

   6.  Keep returned homework.  File it away and record the score.

   7.  If there are no assignments spend time reading that day.


Regular parent conferences are scheduled for sixth grade students' parents following the completion of the first and the second trimesters.  They may also be scheduled for any Savage student grade 6, at anytime that a need is perceived by parent, teachers or students.  A conference can be scheduled by calling the school office.


Back-to-School Night  is held each year during the first week's of school

Parents will initially meet briefly in the gym with the principal.  They will then proceed to their children's classes.  Classrooms will be open and teachers prepared to explain the curriculum as well as answer questions.  This night is not designed for conferencing about individual children.  It is a time established to talk about the Somerset educational program.  We hope all parents/guardians attend.


Open House will be held on TBA, at 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 2010  It is a time for students to share their school work and experiences with their family