Daniel J. Savage Middle School

1900 Maid Mariane Ln., Modesto, CA 95355

Phone: (209) 552-3300 Fax: (209) 552-3305

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We would like to invite you and your families to celebrate Unity Day with us on October 21st, 2020. Join us by wearing and sharing the color ORANGE as a message of support. Unity day is celebrated (world wide) as a way for family members, school personnel, and neighborhood communities to join together in promoting an environment of acceptance, inclusiveness, and kindness. This type of environment is often achieved by creating a positive, peaceful, & proactive approach in constructively shaping the attitudes and behaviors of those around us.

Please take time with your family this week to discuss ways to best represent your support of Unity at home, in school, and in our communities! Share a post on social media wearing orange to spread awareness. Tag it with #UnityDay2020

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~ 8th Promotion Video ~

Here is our sentimental tribute for our promoting 8th graders. While we could not host our traditional promotion ceremony, we hope that you and your families will cherish this digital video complete with photos, speeches, and memories throughout your 2020 school year.

May your future educational career soar and high school be the foundation to great successes in life!


COVID-19 UPDATES: Click this link to access the latest information from SUSD district office

Optional Learning Resources: Click this link to go directly to SUSD for optional online learning at home. (internet based & non-internet based)

Be sure to check out our Counseling page for updates on resources, activities, and coping strategies for students and families. We have also created a brand new website with tons of resources for you and your family! https://sites.google.com/sylvan.k12.ca.us/savagecounselorconnection/home

Help support our 6th Grade Department by DONATING your Box Tops!!!

You can drop them off at Student Services or the Main Office.

"We Will Support All Students Academically and Socially Together"

Learning takes precedence over every other activity at Daniel J. Savage Middle School. Students, parents and staff strive toward the positive aspects of education and believe that every student can learn and shall be treated with respect and dignity. Social responsibility is a series of choices and students must be aware of the proper expectations for behavior so the decisions they make are correct ones.

Daniel J. Savage is a partner in the Sylvan Union School District with the following shared beliefs:

    • Every individual has worth.

    • Every individual can learn.

    • Every individual has the right to a safe learning environment.

    • Every individual has the right to an effective education.

    • Every action/choice of an individual has an effect.

    • Learning goes beyond the walls of the classroom and occurs throughout a lifetime

    • Families are essential to the well-being of the individual and a critical component of the learning process.


Savage students and faculty take a great deal of pride in the appearance of our campus. We know that a clean and well cared for campus builds pride - which, in turn, fosters improved attitudes and increased academic achievement. All people who use the campus are expected to leave the campus at least as clean and well cared for as they found it.

In line with the pride we have in our campus, school rules prohibit the possession of marking pens. It is unfortunate that these materials are too often used for graffiti.


Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


The office telephone is for immediate emergency and illness calls only. Students need to plan ahead to avoid requests of phone use for other purposes. A telephone is available, in the office, before and after school for students to use for other needs.


Students are allowed on campus beginning at 7:30 AM. They are to leave school grounds immediately upon dismissal from class at the end of the school day. Students must be off campus by 3:00 PM unless they are participating in a school sponsored event. There is no student supervision prior to 7:30 AM or after 3:00 PM.

Once a student has left the school grounds at the end of the day they are not permitted to return.


Daniel J. Savage is a CLOSED CAMPUS. Once students arrive in the morning they may not leave without permission until the end of the school day. Students will only be released to leave campus during school hours if their parent is present. (Any other adult must be designated by the parent on the student emergency card). All students must sign out through the attendance office when they leave campus during the school day. If a student returns to school after being released during the day, they must check in at the attendance office to obtain a re-admit for the class(es) missed.

  • Only two gates will be accessible to campus: Main Gate (Maid Marianne) and Bus Gate (Merle)

    • Open at 7:30 a.m. (with the exception of zero period students)

    • Closed at 8:00 a.m. (ALL tardy students 8:01 am - 8:29 am, check in at front office; 8:30 am on - PARENT & STUDENT must check in at front office)

    • Bike riders/Skateboarders/Scooters - enter the bike rack to lock up gates & MUST walk around to the main gate for entry (DO NOT JUMP THE FENCE)