Academic Programs:

Honor Roll


SILVER: 3.51 - 3.99 GPA

BRONZE: 3.0-3.5 GPA


Classroom Incentives

Outstanding Citizenship - Any student who has earned perfect outstanding citizenship grades (six "O's" for the first two trimesters of the year) will receive a certificate of recognition at the annual awards assembly.

How to find your GPA:

Trimester I Grades Example (grades in bold & points in parenthesis)

Math B (3), Eng C (2), S.S. D (1), P.E. B (3) Sci. A (4), Elec. C (2)

(3+2+1+3+4+2 = 15 grade points) = (15 grade points / 6 grades = 2.5 GPA)


Daniel J. Savage has designed a student planner and assignment log for the use of students. We are strong encouraging and promoting its use. The School Agenda is provided to all students and families as a courtesy from the Daniel J. Savage Parent Teacher Club. A lost or additional agenda can be purchased for $5.00 at the office, and Back-To-School night.


All rules and regulations for reporting student progress have been approved by the Sylvan Union School District . They reflect the education code of the State of California as well as the policies of this school district.

In order to complete graduation requirements, students must fulfill the following:

A. Achieve a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of

1.5 for 6th-8th grades

B. Pass the 7th grade Minimum Proficiency tests

C. Pass all required courses for 8th grade

Report cards are mailed home three times per year. They are issued approximately 1-2 weeks following the end of each trimester. Progress reports are issued mid-trimester to all students receiving a grade of C- or lower. Parents are also notified if student achievement is exhibiting a downward trend. Teachers may issue additional progress reports at any time that it is determined appropriate.

Parents are encouraged to request meetings with teachers when a student's progress is less than expected or desired.