6th Grade Department

6th Social Studies:

Our Essential Question to guide us through our learning over the course of the year - How does history inform and inspire us? We will look at the historians and scientists whose work is to understand and interpret the past. Learning about the past helps us to understand the present.

Trimester 1

  • Early Humans and the Agricultural Revolution

  • Mesopotamia

  • Ancient Egypt and Kush

Trimester 2

  • The Israelites

  • Ancient India

  • Early China

Trimester 3

  • The Greeks and Greek Civilization

  • Rome: Republic to Empire and the Roman Civilization

6th English:

Goals and Expectations

In order to master the Common Core English Language Arts Standards, we will work together to accomplish the following goals:

1. Read a variety of texts/genres and novels and respond to ideas critically and closely. We will be reading 2-3 novels. Students are encouraged to read additional, non-assigned novels and texts independently

2. Write, revise, edit, and publish shorter and longer pieces for a variety of audiences and purposes. We will write regularly, including an expository, persuasive , and narrative essay, one per trimester

3. Conduct, organize, and present research collaboratively

4. Come to class prepared to discuss and reflect on key ideas in a respectful manner

5. Use technology and other materials appropriately and in ways that enhance learning and communication

6. Respect all students and cultures

7. Practice a growth mindset and reflect on learning.

We will read fictional stories and non-fiction selections to help us answer the following Essential Questions to guide our learning for the year:

Trimester 1 - Turning Points -- How much of what happens in our lives do we actually control?

Trimester 2 - Facing Challenges -- How do people decide when to stand up for themselves or others?

Trimester 3 - Heroes -- What does it mean to be a hero?

6th Science:

6th Physical Education:

Outdoor Education - Foothill Horizons

Your child may be participating in any of these class descriptions for Outdoor Ed 2018-19

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