Renaissance Program

Savage's Renaissance Program aims to create a campus-wide attitude that academic achievement is not only important, but something to be proud of, resulting in both immediate and future recognition and reward. Renaissance believes that students who are encouraged, supported, and recognized for academic achievement will have greater academic and social success, will graduate, and be more successful adults.

It has been said that it takes a "whole village to raise a child," and Renaissance supporters entirely agree. Savage is actively seeking and encouraging business - school alliances as a source of donations, food, and goods to be used as incentives. Merchants are given a sign saying "I support Savage Renaissance" to display in their place of business.

Our students represent our nation's future. The implementation of this program, based on established traditions and positive values, transforms Savage into a true Renaissance school committed to excellence in education.

Students will earn cards which in turn will provide them with a variety of privileges based upon their Grade Point Average for the previous trimester at Savage. The card "levels" are:

Platinum 4.0 GPA

Crimson 3.0-3.9 GPA with no grade below a "C"

Navy 2.0-2.9 GPA with no grade below a "C"