Promotion Requirements


All 8th grade students need a cumulative 2.0 GPA to participate in any promotion activities including walking the stage. Remember that cumulative GPA includes 6th,7th, and 8th grade letter grades all put together. Please make an appointment with your counselor for any questions :)

Do you know how to calculate your GPA?

Our school uses a 4 point grading system. You can use the GPA calculator to figure out your current and cumulative GPA. Watch the video for more help.

  • A = 4 Points

  • B = 3 Points

  • C = 2 Points

  • D = 1 Point

  • F = 0 Points

You can check your grades on Aeries and find your cumulative GPA under Transcripts. Don't forget to ask your counselor for help!

Do your own math

You can calculate your GPA by using this formula:

You will need to add up all your points from each class and then divide that number by the amount of classes you are taking.


Science: C, Math: A, English: D, History: F, Art: A and P.E.: B

These grades give you a total of 14 points.

Then you divide by 6 because that is the number of classes you are taking.

Your GPA comes out to 14/6 = 2.333

GPA = 2.3

*IF you are taking a read 180 or math 180 you do not receive a letter grade for this class. You would divide by 5 instead of 6.

Summary of Middle School 8th Grade Promotion Activities Ineligibility ** 3rd Trimester**


Less than a 2.0 Cumulative GPA

1+ incidences of truancy (see below)

2+ “U” Unsatisfactory citizenship marks

All of the LISTED offenses will result in a loss of associated promotion activities including, but not limited to the 8th grade dance, trip, carnival, etc.


Less than a 2.0 Cumulative GPA

2+ suspensions

One 5 day suspension:

Any offense involving a controlled substance (see Ineligibility section in the code of conduct pg. 22)

10+ unexcused absences

All of the LISTED offenses will result in a loss of ALL promotion activities listed above (but not limited to) AND the Promotion Ceremony

*Special circumstances may be reviewed by the school site administration.


● The district reserves the right to exclude a student from the promotion ceremony or other activities for a flagrant infraction of the Student Conduct Code irrespective of the student’s citizenship status.

● Loss of privilege applies to activities that occur within the calendar year of ineligibility.

● Appeals may be filed with the Principal within 10 days of notification of ineligibility. Appeals of the Principal’s decision can be made to the Student Services Director within 10 days of the Principal's decision. The decision of the Student Services Director is considered binding and not subject to further appeal.