Parent Resources


Savage Related Links

Here is the quick link to access our online flyers.

  • Parent Handbook
  • Uniform Complaint Procedure & Williams Act
  • iPAD insurance - to purchase iPAD insurance on your child's device
  • Josten's Yearbooks - You may purchase yearbooks here & 8th grade "Celebration" ads
  • SUSD Middle School Code of Conduct - This is the adopted 2018-2019 Middle School Code of Conduct that includes information about Board Policies and information about discipline, attendance, graduation requirements etc.
  • Espanol - Codigo de Conducta Estudiantil (MS Code of Conduct) - Este es el Código de Conducta de la Escuela Intermedia 2018-2019 adoptado que incluye información sobre las Políticas de la Junta e información sobre disciplina, asistencia, requisitos de graduación, etc.
  • PeachJar - Here is where you can create an account and receive mailers and updates on what's going on at Savage.
  • PTC Facebook account - "Like" their page for the most up-to-date information
  • PTC Instagram account - "Follow" their page for photos and events
  • PTC Twitter account - "follow" and receive quick updates at Savage
  • School Office Customer Survey - a place to express and let us know how we are doing!
  • "My School Menus" - Download this free app through the Itunes Apple Store or Google Play Store for Android users. The app is "My School Menus". With this app you will be able to look up the breakfast, lunch and after school snack menus for each site and have access to the nutritional information for all items on the menu on your phone at the touch of a finger.

ELD - Academics

  • ELD Standards
  • Phonemic Awareness - This is a wonderful site for phonemic awareness. It reviews all the sounds and word families. I think most of you have this one.
  • ESL Tower
  • Spelling Practice - This is a great tool for independent spelling practice on the computer. Type in your spelling list. The computer teaches the word and even uses the word in context. It spells the word letter by letter and reads the sentence. The students may then take a practice test. Very user friendly
  • Vocabulary - This a great website for older elementary. There are vocabulary videos. You click on the word and it shows a cartoon and uses the word in context. You can sign up for their word of the day and they will email you a vocabulary video to show everyday. This is another way to enrich student vocabulary.
  • Subject Specific Learning - This site has free power point slideshows for all curriculum areas. You just have to take time to look through some of these. I really think this site would be useful in the classroom. This is great for introducing concepts or a quick way to review.
  • Flashcards - This site has some great picture flashcards by category.
  • English worksheets/aides - This site has some picture flashcards, games, worksheets, etc.
  • Practice hearing/speaking English
  • Math Dictionary of Terms
  • Writing Practice

Opportunities Outside of School

Parents & Visitors

Parents and visitors are always welcome and encouraged to visit the school. We feel that having parents and visitors on the campus has a positive impact on the school climate. Please register your presence in the office upon your arrival and receive a visitor's badge to wear on campus. Classroom visitations must be pre-arranged with the teacher and/or principal.

During class time the teacher is not available for a conference. If you would like to arrange a conference with a teacher, please call the school office and a conference will be scheduled with you.

Students/children not currently enrolled at Daniel J. Savage will not be allowed to visit the school unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visiting relatives (cousins, etc.) are not allowed in the classrooms.


Families are asked to communicate thoroughly with students regarding any after-school plans prior to the start of the school day. It is very difficult to get messages to our one thousand students without increasing office staffing. These messages also interrupt the learning environment along with sending your child text messages while on campus. Daniel J. Savage will communicate family emergencies to students and will do our best to facilitate communication of anything of lesser importance.