School Site Council

The Savage School Site Council (SSC) monitors and administrates the School Improvement Plan and its funding. The SSC is made up of parents (3), certificated staff (4), classified staff (1), students(3), and an administrator (1). People who are interested in serving must be elected by their representative group. Details are available at the school office.

Daniel J. Savage Middle School's Goals are:

  1. Daniel J. Savage Middle School will promote and create learning environments with highly qualified personnel that will maximize access to the academic core for all pupils, including targeted groups, as well as provide enrichment opportunities that will allow our pupils to demonstrate proficiency and literacy in 21st century skills.

  2. Daniel J. Savage Middle School will create supportive, welcoming, and engaging campuses for pupils, parents, staff, and community.

School Site Council will meet on the following dates during the 20-21 school year:

  • September 27

  • October 20

  • November 17

  • February 16

  • May 18

While distance learning is in place meeting will be held on Google Meet a 2:45 pm

DS 2018-2019 Title I, Part A School-Level Parent and Family Engagement Policy
DS 2018-2019 School Parent Compact