Health Office


Accident insurance is available for parents to purchase. Information is sent home at the beginning of the school year. This information is also available at any time in the school office. Students who participate in extra curricular sports are required to have medical insurance coverage (as per District Policy 6900). The school does not handle insurance processing or claims.


In the event of a student accident, the school is responsible for the application of first aid only. If any injury is of a serious nature, the parents will be notified immediately. If appropriate, paramedics will be called first and parents contacted as soon as possible after this is done. Parents will be billed by the local ambulance company for services provided. FAMILY EMERGENCY CARDS MUST BE KEPT UP TO DATE to enable the school to contact them in a timely way.


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The most appropriate person to administer medication is the parent/guardian in the home. If it becomes necessary for medication to be administered during the school day, the following procedures must be followed:

• A "Parent and Physician Request for Administration of Medication" must be current and on file at the school.

• Medication must be in a properly labeled pharmacy container.

• Medications must be stored in the office. They may not be carried on/by individual students without special school permission.

No medication may be given unless the correct procedures are followed. Medication forms are available in the Savage office.