Savage's Library Media Center is open to all students, for study and research. The library is open 7:30am-3:00pm. Over 20,000 books are available for students to checkout for a two week period. Reference books and encyclopedias may be checked overnight. We also have several databases available to students for research. We strive to provide a quiet atmosphere conducive to quiet reading and study. Please remember there is no food or drinks allowed in the library.

Library Website - use this link for research


Textbooks are issued to students through the classroom teachers. The care and use of textbooks is an important responsibility of the students. Students are expected to:

• Use school books and materials with care.

• Keeps protective covers on books.

• Place their name and the teacher's name on the inside of the front of the book's cover.

Due to the excessive cost of replacing books, a charge will be made for damaged, lost or stolen books. Students are ineligible to participate in sports or social activities if they have outstanding bills with the school. Diplomas and report cards will not be issued to students with outstanding bills.

iPad/Chromebook Return Schedule

Tuesday, May 14th -All 8th grade students will turn in their iPads.

Wednesday, May 15th-All 7th grade students will turn in iPads.

Thursday, May 16th-7th & 8th grade social studies textbooks are due.

Friday, May 17th-All library books are due!

Friday, May 17th through Tuesday, May 21st-6th grade Chromebooks & textbooks are due.

iPad/Chromebook Charges

Replacement iPad Stand=$6

Replacement Case=$35

Replacement Charging Brick=$19

Replacement Lightning Cord=$6

Cracked Digitizer (screen)=$21+

Replacement iPad= $334

Chromebook Screen Replacement= $26

Chromebook Bezel (frame around the screen)=$10

Chromebook Keyboard=$14

Chromebook Camera= $16

Chromebook Charger=$36