Safety & Emergency Drill Information

Emergency situations and procedures are discussed in each student's classes. Fire drills are held regularly. Students are expected to clear the buildings as quickly as possible, in an orderly and prescribed fashion. They must be attentive to instructions from the people in charge

Safety & Closed Campus

New to our 2018-2019 School Year, SUSD has implemented that all school sites will enforce a strict closed campus in increase the safety. What does this mean for Savage Middle School:

  • Only two gates will be accessible to campus: Main Gate (Maid Marianne) and Bus Gate (Merle)
    • Open at 7:30 am (with the exception of zero period students)
    • Closed at 8:00 am (ALL tardy students 8:01-8:29, check in at front office; 8:30 am on - PARENT & STUDENT must check in at front office)
    • Bike riders - enter the bike rack to lock up gates & MUST walk around to the main gate for entry (DO NOT JUMP THE FENCE)

Emergency Drill Information

SUSD has adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) created by Colorado. You can access the procedures and additional information on the website: Standard Response Protocol

This SRP model includes the following safety procedures: fire = Evacuate, earthquake = Shelter, NEW: lockout & lockdown protols. Lockout drills are for those situations where there may be a threat near Savage Middle School but NOT on campus. Lockdown drills will help for the potential situation where the threat is ON campus.

At Savage to ensure that all of our students are well versed in the appropriate, efficient and safety of these drills we will be executing three drills/month. During this time parent and visitors will not be allowed on campus until our drill is complete. We apologize for this inconvenience; however, it requires the entire staff to ensure proper procedures are being done.